Some of the upcoming topics

I have recently received a few items that I plan on showing you and want to give you a early look.

We have purchased a Ruger Precision Rifle and I plan on adding a review to show the effects of firing it suppressed and unsuppressed.

I have been trying to do a preview of a few new items including shooting a pistol with and without a red dot.

I also wrote a piece a while back on the Traditions Strikefire and hunted with it.

I will show you the results of that rifle and how hunting with it compares with hunting with my usual AR in 6.5 Grendel. I think you will be very surprised to see the results

I will also demystify buying a Suppressor and what it means to you.

Stay tuned for more in depth coversge as we try to keep you informed.

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The blog that was, is again

I was recently asked to resurrect the blog. To this end….

Im going to try my best to deliver good, strong and honest writing and let my readers follow along for the ride.

As for a youtube account, maybe one day but not until they get their security under control.

I have started reaching out to the industry and will begin testing on several innovative products very soon.

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Coming in 2016…

Yeah I know, its the first post of every blog this January right?  But the thing is, I have been holding a few articles back on you.  I have been so busy with trying to obtain products for you guys to read about that I have not had time to write.  I plan on adding a couple of people this year to help me with content and mainly on testing a photography.  My daughter has been doing some of the photos and I think she has been doing a great job.  She’s a natural at shooting and at photography so I know she will do fine.

Some of the products I’m testing are: HoloSun Optics SOLAR sight,  a Muzzleloader bullet from Harvester, a scope from Vortex and if I have time maybe a new Savage rifle or two.

A new thing I will also be testing is sound suppression devices from Silencerco to help those who value their hearing.  These products have been thought of as taboo by most hunters because of Hollywood and their portrayal of them as “Assassination tools”  The truth will be investigated in a future article so stay tuned.


Footnote: I am trying to get my hands on some products from SHOT Show and hopefully next year I will attend.  Its hard to tell your wife you want to go to Vegas right after Christmas when money is tight because of Christmas.  I’m blessed to have a wife who supports me no matter how crazy I am.


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And now for those of you who need more Zen in your life…

I have always been a closet coloring person, I always enjoyed making shapes and coloring them.  I had people at classes I have taken saying I should sell some of my free drawn stuff and I have even given some away to people I cared for, of which the lit fluctuates daily.  I like to draw and doodle like the average person but sometimes I get the mood right and I spend hours drawing and doodling and sometimes I will Color, yep a grown ass man coloring.  I recently found out that I was not the only one doing this, there are others doing it too.  I am struggling with concentration more and more nowadays because I have an injury to my brain from an incident while in the Army.  It destroyed my memory which used to be unbelievable, now while eating desert at a restaurant I recently forgot what I had eaten for dinner just 10 minutes earlier.  I try to hide it sometimes but I really do have a problem.  Like most people I try to BS my way through the conversation rather than admit my problem.  Now, the therapeutic part.

It seems that relieving stress reduces the swelling in parts of the brain that control memories and most importantly, short term memory.  I have been meditating since I was around 12 years old, it helps me think and I have a problem from birth which is I can think of multiple things concurrently and they seem to intertwine with each other like ribbons. My record is 9 cohesive thought streams at once.  For most people this would be chaotic because the average person can keep 2-3 cohesive thoughts going at once.  After my injury I can only keep 5-6 going at once but it taxes my system so bad I lash out with aabbusive language.  I dont care for this but it happens, I have to warn people who are close to me but nobody understands.  I deal with it and I’m a very non-violent person who hates to even see violence in other people.  I prefer reasoning and compromise as tools to end conflict but enough about the philosophy lesson.  Lets get to coloring…

I bought a book at Walmart called Kaleidoscope Wonders Color Art for Everyone its available at Amazon by clicking the link above.  I hope they dont mind me reprinting one of their drawings, this is the ones I colored last night.coloringIt is a lot of fun to do after the kids go to bed, its very calming and it allows me to think of things to do with my kids like this little project My daughter and I whipped up.

bb8I’m told some folks from Disney were kinda impressed by it, its made from an Apple and a tennis ball and it bobbles.  Kinda cool to know that someone from Disney has actually seen something we built.

I digress, you should try coloring to ease stress, its cheap to try and it will help you concentrate, its hard staying in the lines sometimes…

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One Hunt Down

This year has started off with a hunt at Camp Blanding and a Fishing Tournament at Lake Okeechobee, Neither produced any Deer, Hogs nor a Bass.  I went with a small group of hunters to Camp Blanding, where I was a guest of the Rod and Gun Club. The club provided great guides and stands for the hunt but unfortunately I was unable to bring home the bacon as they say.  I saw quite a few deer on the way to hunt so I know there are some in the area, it was just hard to get them to come out on cue.  Hopefully our next hunt there will prove to be more fruitful.

I also was able to take part in a one day Bass Tournament that was fruitless as well.  Hopefully my year will get better as it goes along but so far, I am unable to put anything in the freezer.

I wrote this because the last thing I want you to believe is that I am some great white hunter of the north.  I am far from any of those things so I wanted to illustrate the facts of hunting.  I do not get game every time I go hunting. There were years where it seemed like it, this I assure you is not one of those years.

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Upcoming Reviews! Fishing Trips and Helping Vets.

In the next few months I plan to review a few  items I have been provided to evaluate.  My daughter is going to start doing most of the photography and some of the research in an effort to practice for her Girl Scout Badge in Digital Photography!  Some of the products I can Mention are The HoloSun Solar Powered Red Dot Sight, Carbon Express Broadheads, Magnus Broadheads, Carbon Express Crossbow bolts, Carbon Express Crossbows and maybe a Muzzleloader Scope by Leatherwood.  I cant wait  I may throw a few more reviews in there but haven’t either been able to afford the Review Products (For the ones I buy) or been able to secure the samples to review for the products that are supplied by the Manufacturers.  Of course I prefer to get the products at no cost because it allows me to do more reviews and I can hopefully start handing some more things out to fellow Veterans to test on a longer term scale.

My next event is a fishing Tournament, I know, I dont usually fish but I have an opportunity to fish for Bass in a historic lake that is home to some of the largest Largemouth Bass in the world!  Hopefully all the fishing I have done in the Gulf will translate to some skill in the lake.  I also applied for my Alligator Permit and my Gulf Reef fish Permit.  If I have enough money, I may try for a Bear tag, they are expensive but well worth the cost to both rid the area of problem bears that give bears a bad reputation and thin the herd a little in an area that has way too many to support proper growth of the breeding pool.

I started giving a link to potential Supporters so they can see the good stuff and maybe start contributing some help to our cause.  I dont foresee applying for tax exempt status or anything like that because of the hassle involved but I enjoy helping other vets work with their disability to learn new techniques.  Everyone needs a hand at sometime in their lives and I have never been one to shy away from helping folks to overcome a problem.

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Looks like I’m going to get some time to hunt.

After a few anxious moments, I am going to get a chance to get out and try the great Barnett Brotherhood Crossbow I am reviewing for this blog.  I plan on using some of the great 22″ Lumenok capped Bolts as a part of my ongoing Review of Lumenok Bolts.  Which is going great by the way.  I am also looking forward to trying the Magnus Buzzcut Broadheads, I have heard nothing but good and I am trying to not let that sway me one way or another.  I was invited on Saturday to hunt with a group of Veterans at a Reserve Base here in Florida and it looks to be like a great hunt is afoot.  I have been practicing with the Barnett Brotherhood Crossbow and have even gotten my Daughter into shooting it.  She was saying that she couldn’t believe how quiet and easy to shoot it was.  I think she likes shooting it more than the rifle, but that’s for the full review I am posting soon.  Wish me luck, Can’t wait to get the Track Chair out and hunt, it should be a sweltering 80 degrees if we are luck, 90 if not. I am also going to be hunting with another friend of mine this week and will report on that as well.  until next time, keep your head up!

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