Corporate Sponsors/Friends

otisOtis Technology Supplied us with cleaning Supplies and T-Shirts indirectly and unfortunately the kits have been used up so I’m unable to do a proper review.

frontpagelogoSatern Custom Machining is a great family owned business who helps out Veterans and has gone out of their way to help me. Their products cannot be beat period, I’m still doing some testing on their 6.5 Grendel Barrel they made for me.  A review will be written in the near future once I can get some ammo and some range time.

lumenokLumenok/Burt Coyote is another American Sucess story, if I were to write a biography about a CEO of a company I would like to write Eric Price’s Story.  After talking to him a few times I can tell you that he will take his valuable time to discuss the way he came up with the unique system of inventing what became an entire category of Archery equipment.  I plan on using their products to take Deer and Hogs this season and cant wait til the season starts.

Slash’s Buffers made a custom buffer for my rifle project and was very helpful in selecting a matching Wolff buffer spring. A review will be coming soon along with the Satern barrel review.

Operation Outdoor Freedom I have been on many hunts with this organization, they are one of the only groups I have ever heard of that puts every dime back into the program that they collect. The volunteers are mostly Florida Forestry Rangers and they know the areas very well. I endorse their group fully and am not affiliated with them other than being fortunate enough to be a guest on their hunts.


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