Operation Outdoor Freedom 2012

Here’s an older Picture or two from a hunt in 2012 when I first started getting back into hunting.  I was pretty successful during that hunt if I remember correctly.  I know I took at least 4 hogs during that weekend.  Here is what I could find.  It was with one of the first 300AAC pistols back then and I had all kinds of problems with it.  The company that built it for me was given 2 stripped uppers to put barrels in, one was going to be a rifle with a 16″ and the other was the 10.5″ you see here.  The 16″ never showed up after 11 months, I gave up, the 10.5 showed up after they went out of business and the guy who put it together cracked the upper so badly that when I took it apart (Because the bolt kept getting stuck, the upper broke almost in half.  These were pretty nice uppers and I paid quite a bit for them back then.($100+ stripped each) I ended up buying another from the company I bought the uppers from and later found that the barrel was not head-spaced correctly either.  I ended up having the barrel reamed and the port enlarged because it wouldn’t cycle.  I gave up trying to get my other upper back and learned my lesson…build it yourself and you can only blame yourself.  The Gun plumber who fixder up, now works for a Night Vision Company from what I hear but was telling people that he was going to open a suppressor company.  I’m glad I have everything I need already, but anyways enjoy the pics.

120lb sow

120lb sow


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