Coming in 2016…

Yeah I know, its the first post of every blog this January right?  But the thing is, I have been holding a few articles back on you.  I have been so busy with trying to obtain products for you guys to read about that I have not had time to write.  I plan on adding a couple of people this year to help me with content and mainly on testing a photography.  My daughter has been doing some of the photos and I think she has been doing a great job.  She’s a natural at shooting and at photography so I know she will do fine.

Some of the products I’m testing are: HoloSun Optics SOLAR sight,  a Muzzleloader bullet from Harvester, a scope from Vortex and if I have time maybe a new Savage rifle or two.

A new thing I will also be testing is sound suppression devices from Silencerco to help those who value their hearing.  These products have been thought of as taboo by most hunters because of Hollywood and their portrayal of them as “Assassination tools”  The truth will be investigated in a future article so stay tuned.


Footnote: I am trying to get my hands on some products from SHOT Show and hopefully next year I will attend.  Its hard to tell your wife you want to go to Vegas right after Christmas when money is tight because of Christmas.  I’m blessed to have a wife who supports me no matter how crazy I am.


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