Top 5 Pistols

This list could be segmented further into Revolver, Auto, etc. but I am trying to keep the category small for uniformity sake.   I am unlike most people who use these for primary protection, I actually hunt with Handguns, Target Shoot with them and have gotten good results from them.  I attribute this to knowing my limitations and the limitations of the Platform.

1. Smith & Wesson 9L Pro C.O.R.E.

pro 9l core

I recently shot one of these at a HAVA event that was provided by Smith & Wesson, I shot it very fast, so much so that the Demonstrator for the station (Former Marine) was very surprised.  I didn’t let on that I was just as surprised 😉

2. Smith & Wesson Performance Center Model 629 Stealth Hunter

stealth hunterI cant say enough about the purity of a Smith & Wesson Revolver with the tunable raw Horsepower of a 44 magnum.  Its very sporting, humane and not easily achieved unless you hone your perishable skills.  I also like the fact that you can shoot 44 Specials for use on smaller game where destruction of meat is an issue.  Grew up with Smith & Wesson and greatly respect the Heritage behind these great machines.

3. Sig Sauer P220 10mm

220R-45-B-largeThis was announced at the 2015 SHOT Show in Vegas this year, sever sources are confirming that they not only had a prototype but they had several production samples that were available for live fire.  This may be the most exciting news I have heard in years for several different reasons, mainly the 10mm is growing and Sig is not killing off the P220 model after releasing the P227, which some have speculated would replace the P220.   I will keep you informed about any updates on this pistol in future blogs.

4. Ruger LCRx 3″ Revolver

lcrx 3inI know its Polymer, its weird but think about it, a great trail pistol, snake shot in it and your set for Florida/Southern Trails.  Wadcutters in it you could hut squirrels and Raccoons or defend yourself from the occasional rabies infected Pit-bull or Coyote with hollow points.  all at a low weight and reasonable price.  Hate if you want, I’m sticking by at least the concept.

5. Sig P320 Carry in 357sig


This Cinderella story is one I’d enjoy.  what started off as one of the biggest marketing black holes has turned into a pistol I think I’d enjoy.  I know a few who invested in the failed predecessor the P250, of which I understand that the mention of will get you thrown from the building at Sig.  The reports were at first great, until they shot it, I shot it, it was not great putting it mildly.  I didnt mind the Super long trigger pull, I did hate the polymer choice for the frame.

Honorable Mention:

Thompson Center Pro Hunter G2 Contender

TC_G2Contender_PistolThis happy go luck Purely American invention is somewhat of an anomaly.  I love the idea of taking a pistol, adding a barrel and stock and using it as a rifle.  During Muzzleloader season I was able to shoot one of these and they are very accurate and I love the versatility.  I would also love the fact that a caliber change is very simple, there are very few inventions that are so versatile and beloved by the community that they drive the products production by directly telling the company what to make.  Universal inventions are usually universally awful, this is one time it is not true.

I hope I informed you, gave you a little direction on what I’m thinking as a disabled Veteran and Outdoorsman Happy Shooting.




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