Looks like I’m going to get some time to hunt.

After a few anxious moments, I am going to get a chance to get out and try the great Barnett Brotherhood Crossbow I am reviewing for this blog.  I plan on using some of the great 22″ Lumenok capped Bolts as a part of my ongoing Review of Lumenok Bolts.  Which is going great by the way.  I am also looking forward to trying the Magnus Buzzcut Broadheads, I have heard nothing but good and I am trying to not let that sway me one way or another.  I was invited on Saturday to hunt with a group of Veterans at a Reserve Base here in Florida and it looks to be like a great hunt is afoot.  I have been practicing with the Barnett Brotherhood Crossbow and have even gotten my Daughter into shooting it.  She was saying that she couldn’t believe how quiet and easy to shoot it was.  I think she likes shooting it more than the rifle, but that’s for the full review I am posting soon.  Wish me luck, Can’t wait to get the Track Chair out and hunt, it should be a sweltering 80 degrees if we are luck, 90 if not. I am also going to be hunting with another friend of mine this week and will report on that as well.  until next time, keep your head up!

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