Kimber Custom Shop

Here is a beautiful pistol, it is from the Kimber Custom shop and is available in 9mm and 45ACP.  It seems like an Officers sized pistol and is engraved around the ejection port with American Style engraving.  This style engraving was pioneered by Colt and Remington, now it seems that Kimber is trying to become what Colt used to be, the best at a very specialized market.


Kimber has recently released a few pistols in the Custom shop line, one I’m particularly interested in is called the Bel-Air that is themed after (Not Will Smith or anyone else from his Fresh Prince days) a Chevrolet Bel-Air.  This one is a part of the models that are based on the Micro framed pistols and is chambered in .380 Auto.  It seems it is centered around older Guys and Women which are two groups that don’t agree on anything.  I think it reminds me of the Miami Vice T.V. Shows.  I picture it in a Galco shoulder holster on the hood of a Testarossa on the side of A1A. It could look good on the console of a cigarette boat as well.  Looks awesome and I dont think we see enough of this kind of work on firearms.  Everyone is so hooked on firearms being “Tactical” instead of how I see them, as a small machine, a work of Art, a watch’s bigger brother.

bell air2


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