Upcoming Reviews! Fishing Trips and Helping Vets.

In the next few months I plan to review a few  items I have been provided to evaluate.  My daughter is going to start doing most of the photography and some of the research in an effort to practice for her Girl Scout Badge in Digital Photography!  Some of the products I can Mention are The HoloSun Solar Powered Red Dot Sight, Carbon Express Broadheads, Magnus Broadheads, Carbon Express Crossbow bolts, Carbon Express Crossbows and maybe a Muzzleloader Scope by Leatherwood.  I cant wait  I may throw a few more reviews in there but haven’t either been able to afford the Review Products (For the ones I buy) or been able to secure the samples to review for the products that are supplied by the Manufacturers.  Of course I prefer to get the products at no cost because it allows me to do more reviews and I can hopefully start handing some more things out to fellow Veterans to test on a longer term scale.

My next event is a fishing Tournament, I know, I dont usually fish but I have an opportunity to fish for Bass in a historic lake that is home to some of the largest Largemouth Bass in the world!  Hopefully all the fishing I have done in the Gulf will translate to some skill in the lake.  I also applied for my Alligator Permit and my Gulf Reef fish Permit.  If I have enough money, I may try for a Bear tag, they are expensive but well worth the cost to both rid the area of problem bears that give bears a bad reputation and thin the herd a little in an area that has way too many to support proper growth of the breeding pool.

I started giving a link to potential Supporters so they can see the good stuff and maybe start contributing some help to our cause.  I dont foresee applying for tax exempt status or anything like that because of the hassle involved but I enjoy helping other vets work with their disability to learn new techniques.  Everyone needs a hand at sometime in their lives and I have never been one to shy away from helping folks to overcome a problem.

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1 Response to Upcoming Reviews! Fishing Trips and Helping Vets.

  1. RedOneEagle says:

    I cant wait to see the new reviews, can you do a review in K9s for Warriors I am very interested in a PTSD service dog. Thank you for all your hard work It really benefits us wounded veterans who ha e no place else to turn for honest straight forward reviews geard toward wounded veterans.

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