And now for those of you who need more Zen in your life…

I have always been a closet coloring person, I always enjoyed making shapes and coloring them.  I had people at classes I have taken saying I should sell some of my free drawn stuff and I have even given some away to people I cared for, of which the lit fluctuates daily.  I like to draw and doodle like the average person but sometimes I get the mood right and I spend hours drawing and doodling and sometimes I will Color, yep a grown ass man coloring.  I recently found out that I was not the only one doing this, there are others doing it too.  I am struggling with concentration more and more nowadays because I have an injury to my brain from an incident while in the Army.  It destroyed my memory which used to be unbelievable, now while eating desert at a restaurant I recently forgot what I had eaten for dinner just 10 minutes earlier.  I try to hide it sometimes but I really do have a problem.  Like most people I try to BS my way through the conversation rather than admit my problem.  Now, the therapeutic part.

It seems that relieving stress reduces the swelling in parts of the brain that control memories and most importantly, short term memory.  I have been meditating since I was around 12 years old, it helps me think and I have a problem from birth which is I can think of multiple things concurrently and they seem to intertwine with each other like ribbons. My record is 9 cohesive thought streams at once.  For most people this would be chaotic because the average person can keep 2-3 cohesive thoughts going at once.  After my injury I can only keep 5-6 going at once but it taxes my system so bad I lash out with aabbusive language.  I dont care for this but it happens, I have to warn people who are close to me but nobody understands.  I deal with it and I’m a very non-violent person who hates to even see violence in other people.  I prefer reasoning and compromise as tools to end conflict but enough about the philosophy lesson.  Lets get to coloring…

I bought a book at Walmart called Kaleidoscope Wonders Color Art for Everyone its available at Amazon by clicking the link above.  I hope they dont mind me reprinting one of their drawings, this is the ones I colored last night.coloringIt is a lot of fun to do after the kids go to bed, its very calming and it allows me to think of things to do with my kids like this little project My daughter and I whipped up.

bb8I’m told some folks from Disney were kinda impressed by it, its made from an Apple and a tennis ball and it bobbles.  Kinda cool to know that someone from Disney has actually seen something we built.

I digress, you should try coloring to ease stress, its cheap to try and it will help you concentrate, its hard staying in the lines sometimes…

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