One Hunt Down

This year has started off with a hunt at Camp Blanding and a Fishing Tournament at Lake Okeechobee, Neither produced any Deer, Hogs nor a Bass.  I went with a small group of hunters to Camp Blanding, where I was a guest of the Rod and Gun Club. The club provided great guides and stands for the hunt but unfortunately I was unable to bring home the bacon as they say.  I saw quite a few deer on the way to hunt so I know there are some in the area, it was just hard to get them to come out on cue.  Hopefully our next hunt there will prove to be more fruitful.

I also was able to take part in a one day Bass Tournament that was fruitless as well.  Hopefully my year will get better as it goes along but so far, I am unable to put anything in the freezer.

I wrote this because the last thing I want you to believe is that I am some great white hunter of the north.  I am far from any of those things so I wanted to illustrate the facts of hunting.  I do not get game every time I go hunting. There were years where it seemed like it, this I assure you is not one of those years.

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