Kenetrek Boots


I have been wearing these boots for about a year.  They are scent free, dont hurt your feet, keep them dry, are available in a few great styles and best of all, last a long time.  Bought these last year before a big Mountain Hunt in Missouri, didn’t get a single blister, or leak, never hurt my feet even once!  I have the Model called the Pac Boot, I would like to also say that they have by far the best socks I have ever bought!  They’re not paying me to say any of this at all and they are not cheap but they are better than the 3 sets of Rockys I bought that they told me tough luck about because they were a month out of warranty, I even Explained they were bought right before I went to Afghanistan but they didn’t budge!  Anyway, I went to the Pac boot because everyone went to Rubber sided boots and I wanted to try them.  I was so surprised!  Look forward to lacing them up again this year.

Here is their Catalog!  LINK

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