Camp Hope 2014

Missouri-Camp Hope 2014                      camp hope

This Hunt was awesome, it had everything, the Big buildup, the Targeted bucks (A big 6 and 8point were seen on the property) The right weather, SNOW!!!! this reminded me how it was growing up with my Dad and Grandfather hunting up north in Maryland.  The people there were awesome, the waves of people coming in to say hi and to bring food and to cook for us were overwhelming at times but they were some of the best people in this country. I was fortunate enough to get a huge Donkey of a Mature Buck.  He was what you want, a huge head like a Moose with a slightly undersized rack and some age on him.  Those are the Bucks you like to take because they are genetically not as strong because of the small rack (Cant fight for mating rights) they are old (Past their time to mate) and are large enough that they eat a large portion of the food available for the herd.  This way, a younger buck with a genetically superior line can not starve to death or stay undersize because of the lack of quality food.  It was so much fun and so damn cold, I put on a ton of clothes and hand warmers and was still cold but it was worth it.  A 25 yard or so shot from the 6.5 Grendel was all it took.  Later I was able to shoot the Grendel out to 500 yards and that where it shined, it was dead on.   I recommend Camp Hope if you want to donate money, they are great people and the money goes to the veterans good time.  I can’t say enough about how much that really helps recharge your batteries for the next year.  More to come later on this one!

Mountain Donkey!

Mountain Donkey!


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