North American Arms Trailmaster

NAA Trailmaster


I admit it, I’m a sucker for Limited Editions, The extra time spent on the products, the special Marketing attention they receive, its all for lack of a better term, special.  When I see a Special Edition Firearm from a company that creates special firearms everyday, I have to think it means even more.  I was browsing a few firearms sites and noticed buried in NAA’s site that they teamed up with my favorite knife company; CRKT to produce something very nice indeed.  Its called the NAA Trailmaster and its not Highly Polished or made of Carbon Fiber Tape or strewn with adornments of gold like most “Special Editions”.  Its finish is Stone washed like some of the newer knives are and comes with a very functional holster that holds the very functional pair for you treks, journeys or meanderings.  first for the pistol, it seems to be wearing the same grips that their hugely well received Pug model. It has the  1 5/8″ barrel that you have come to notice their pistols by and a square topped barrel that seems to almost mimic a vented rib.  This combo was an invention of legend and Trapper Earnest M. Tucker. I believe you would greatly served by its presence while attending to traps and quartering animals you take out of the traps.  The profile of the knife reminds me of the much beloved Morakniv and I believe is cut from the same cloth.  The blade has a gray and black handle that looks very comfortable and even contains a lanyard hole for those inclined to use one.  The knife is inscribed with the name “Kommer Free Range” and I’m not sure if you can buy a replacement if you were to lose the knife, I’ll try to contact CRKT to see.  CRKT knives have served me very well, I carried one to Afghanistan and have used them for everything from skinning animals to taking tags off of Christmas presents for my kids.  I’m looking forward to trying to obtain one of these to shoot and review and possibly use as a backup in the field.  The pistol is chambered in the Powerful 22 Magnum Cartridge and should serve well for taking trapped animals of the Furbearing size for North America.  The set sells for around $400 and is available now at your local gun store.


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