Need a place to hunt this year

I am in the position to unfortunately be without a place to hunt this year, This year I have a ton of new gear, new ammo new means to hunt and no land to hunt on so I may be without hunting articles this year.  I know, it doesn’t matter because there are very few people who actually read this blog anyway so why does it matter?  I rely on the hunting seasons to maintain my drive to do everything else from the serenity I observe in nature.  I love sitting in a stand with my daughter waiting for hogs or a deer to come out and it really doesn’t matter if we see a shooter sized animal.  We saw a small fawn and a doe a few years back and I explained to her why we dont shoot deer that are nursing or are of a reproductive age and that are healthy.  She kinda gave me a weird look but now, years later is asking me questions about herd management and why we only hunt certain animals.  I love that we have such an open dialog about it and that we can look back into things like this to help her grow as well.   If you are able to provide a place for us to day hunt, I’d appreciate it we are very good stewards of the land and most of the time we actually leave the land cleaner than when we found it.  I bring a trash bag with me to the blind and usually use my grabber on the way out to pick up trash and take it with us.  We have never harmed a domestic animal or livestock and we do not take questionable shots.  I have been hunting for 35 years and have taught classes on hunter safety and being a good ambassador of hunting.  My daughter and I will remove nuisance hogs and coyotes/bobcats if you want, I have been on properties that require hogs , coyotes and bobcats to be shot on sight and have no problem with your rules.  Please use the contact tab to send me an email if you have property we can hunt on, I have a track chair with a top speed of 6MPH and we use pop up ground blinds that will not damage property.

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1 Response to Need a place to hunt this year

  1. RedOneEagle says:

    I very much enjoy reading your well thought out informand articles. Thank you for your service and sacrifice to our country, and Thank You for your willingness to help other Wounded Warriors who find themselves on hard times.

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