Top 5 Firearms I want and why…

I have always been a list maker, I know it can be traced to my analytical side and it speaks volumes to what kind of person I am.  I have had this list in one form or another for years and it has evolved accordingly.  I will try not to break it down too far and I promise not to be too long winded.  In each Category I’ll try to tell you why, show what it looks like, give you a link and maybe even show you where to buy it.  If I buy or review it, I’ll update the link to show the actual unboxing and review of the firearm.  This page may change and instead of deleting each one and adding new ones, I’ll keep the content and strike it out to note the change.  This way it’s more of a living document.  I’ll also keep comments open so you can write in and suggest others.  At the end of the year, I’ll start a new one and keep the old one available.



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