Lumenok Products, a story of reviews and interviews

I was recently sent a few packs of Bolts for my Long term test mule, The Barnett Brotherhood.  After talking to the CEO and inventor of Lumenok Broadheads, Eric Price he decided he was going to send me some of his revolutionary Lumenok Bolts for hunting and to review.  I am not really used to having access to someone who is such a household name like Mr Lumenok himself so I was a little thrown off when Mr Price Called me and left a Voicemail saying he wanted to speak to me and send me some of his products.

I decided after about a 30 minute discussion with him about the history of his product and the process he went through developing the products that I would have probably bought them myself anyways.  He is that great of a salesman! He and I talked about how the simpler a product is, that the better it works and the flaws in other companies products who have tried to jump on the bandwagon.  Hint: If it has a switch, it will fail and his is the only switchless design, and always will be because he has several Patents to make sure it stays that way.  He is a very smart guy who is very excited about his product and takes pride in everything he does.  I’m sure when we were talking, the last thing either was thinking about was an interview but he made such an impression on me that I just had to share it.

We spoke a few more times about hunting, crossbows, marketing, engineering and Family.  If you havent heard of him, you need to look him up on his Facebook page or on his company web page.  There are several Videos on his page that are well produced and explain his product in detail.  Stay tuned for a review and some long term testing, hopefully I will take a deer or hog with one so I can see that little bright light streak across the woods.


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