Suppressors (Silencers, Gun Muffler etc.) are a new thing here in Florida. Last year the Department of Agriculture started allowing them to be used for hunting all game here in Florida. This is a great thing because we will finally get to hunt without the fear of destroying our hearing every time we pull the trigger. My biggest Argumet is the fact that a Suppressor does not Silence the report of a firearm, it only acts as a muffler. Many countries already have them available for citizens to use, including some that dont allow guns anymore. I recently purchased one for hunting but I’m not sure it will be approved before the hunting season. I took my daughter hunting 2 seasons ago and she still complains about the noise, this is the main reason I purchased one. She enjoyed the experience of hunting but the noise and recoil was so much that it made her not want to hunt or even shoot last year. Many people do not like firearms and I guess they can have their opinion (It’s why I fought) but to deny my child something thats a rite of passage like hunting and shooting, is just wrong.
For those of you interested but unsure of Suppressors, here is a short article about them. LINK

Silencerco, the leader in Suppressors and quiet

Silencerco, the leader in Suppressors and quiet

The model I purchased is called the Saker 762 by Silencerco, it fit the profile of what I was looking for which was the ability to fit most hunting calibers (Up to 300WM) Short so I can take it in the blind and easy to attach so I can take it off to put the rifle in a case easily.


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