I’m starting to find new things I enjoy

I started watching TV shows that are on Amazon, Hulu and Netflix.  The latest show I’m watching is called Enterprise.  Enterprise is a good show that chronicles the pre Star Trek years when our planet is just discovering Deep Space travel.  So far the show is very good, it seems to remind me of the 1960’s show and those that followed the hit show.  I think it complements the original show nicely, it shows that the ship was a working ship, it had a working crew and they dealt with problems as they came along.  Unlike most of the shows nowadays, it wraps up each days problem neatly each episode.  Unlike most shows, they can get away with it because the shows are intended to be summaries or tales of incidents that the ship has encountered.  This allows room for multi part shows or singles as needed.  I think the producers learned how to perfect this in the 1960’s and the formula has worked ever since.  I know the series has been cancelled but I still like it.


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