Glock 40 MOS 10mm Hunting, at least I started out looking at one.

The newest thing from Glock is their new Model 40 MOS, this new 10mm powerhouse is exactly what the field of Pistol hunting has needed. The 10mm cartridge has a long history for hunters and even as a backup weapon for those in the Alaskan wilderness and anywhere things live that are less than friendly. I plan on purchasing a Glock 10mm for such duties and may end up retiring my current pistol I use as a backup while hunting. My current pistol for hunting protection is a Taurus model 608 .357 Magnum that has been customized for Moon Clips by TK Custom. This pistol has served me well and has been responsible for at least one hogs persuasion to stop mid charge and take off on a less deadly path.

The model I ended up buying was the Special Edition, ultra rare Grey frame model 20. Below are a few pictures of the Model 20 along with my daytime hog hunting rifle…

A 10.5″ SBR in 300 AAC

The holster is made by Fisher Leather and is a modern take on the tankers holster.

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This pistol was my choice because it was 10mm, it was lightweight and holds a whopping 15 rounds! In a survival situation this is key because I can end almost any animal in north america if I have to. I can do it in 1 well placed shot. (That is neccesary when trying to tbe quiet) and it will allow me to later upgrade the pistol with a Suppressor when I want to. I already own an Osprey45 by Silencerco and have been told by them that it can take the 10mm. I really wanted the model 40mos but it proved to less easy to carry, a little heavier and more of a main weapon than a self defense weapon. Flr these reasons I think I made the right decision. I was also looking at several 10mm 1911’s but they proved to be heavier, hold less rounds and required complicated takedown to clean and in some cases required tools to do so. So they were out. I do plan to buy a model 40 mos but thats for a different day. Stay tuned for a full range report…


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