Hornady Bullets


I have hunted with just about every kind of bullet imaginable, Remington, Winchester, Norma, CCI, Alexander Arms, Fiocci, Hornady and whatever else brands there are.  Hornady stuff is very consistent, Priced right, easy to find , available in most calibers. and most of all Reliable.  I have had more animals taken cleanly by Hornady than by any others.  Their Primers sit flat, the bullets are concentric, and the neck tension is so precise that I have never worried about over-pressure, under-pressure, setback or tip deformity from any Hornady I have shot.  Their AMAX, VMAX and SST’s are economical and deliver the most energy to the animal you can get.  The GMX is something I’m going to be shooting more so that the environment is a little safer and the bullets stay together a little longer so look for that soon in a review.

Here is a listing of the Bullets Available and a link to their new Catalog!  LINK

Notice that I’m not hot linking from their site, I actually host it.

Hornady Bullets is the First Wounded Hunter Approved Item.


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