The econoomy of Hunting Season

During 2/3’s of the year those of us who hunt spend time with family, watch TV, plant food plots, look at trail cams and Buy Equipment.  I put that last part in bold because I dont know if retailers know it but we spend a ton of money on large items during the off season.  Most ATV’s and guns are bought well before the season starts and its during that time that the economy slumps and retailers pass this up and only offer sales during hunting season when we dont have money because we are saving for Christmas, or is it because we Hemorrhage money during the season due to rising gas prices, buying corn and of course the necessary Beef Jerky.  Still wondering if you can buy a side of Beef Jerky.   I think retailers like Bass Pro, Gander Mountain, Academy and Dicks Sporting Goods should keep hunting items in stores all year round and have sales for the off season.  You never see a July Camo Sale or a Fourth of July ammo sale, seems like you should though.  How about financing deals on ATV’s and side by sides where they let you skip payments in November and December?  It seems like it would stimulate the economy and add growth because people would buy more during those months.  But what do I know?

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