Well Change is good …or so I’m told.

Well I said that things were going to change and they have.  I received a valuable hunting tool recently and think its a real change for me and my abilities.  I have had a serious blow to my ego and my abilities when I was hurt in Afghanistan.  I refuse to give up the major supporting part of my lifestyle.  I moved to Florida to be with my parents and then stayed to start my own family and because it allows me to hunt quite a bit and besides the fact is:  I love Florida, we have more activities for outdoorsman and women than any other place.  Anyway, on to the Changes… I received a Track Chair, so I can hunt without people helping me and dropping me off at my stand.  I cannot say enough about how much I appreciate the Chair, the very caring Lady at Support our Soldiers Alabama was able to get me a Track Chair which will allow me to get out in the woods.  If you are looking for a great group to give to, Charon’s group is one of the best there is. After speaking to her about things I found out that unfortunately her son was killed in Afghanistan on the same day I was being Medevac’d from Afghanistan.  It was a really strange coincidence that I wish did not exist. I really cannot say enough about her charity and the help that they have given me.

Here is a picture of my Chair, it is a Custom Powdercoated frame that was done in OD Green (A color that is not usually Available but they did it anyway)


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