sorry its taken me so long! ):

I have been kinda down after looking at last season’s pictures.  It was not a very fast paced season but I was able to meet some awesome people, hunt with a couple great guides and harvest a couple deer.  In summary of last season I:

Started out great! was able to harvest a Doe, A Buck (6 points) and a hog with my New Muzzleloader from Traditions Firearms!  i froze my butt off in the blind with one of the best guides I ever met and we had a blast during that weekend, we kept in touch for a little bit but eventually I lost my phone and I forgot his number.  i wish I still had his number, he was a great guy and we talked almost the entire time.  My best Friend was able to harvest a deer that is most likely a record for that County and was an absolute Monster!

I was passed over for most of last seasons hunts by Wounded Warrior Project but I was fortunate enough to get selected by Camp Hope for a hunt in Missouri with Will and his family.  I was one of only two that harvested a Buck on that hunt and my deer was a Monster, even though it didn’t have very many points, it was the biggest 6 point I ever have seen in my life!

cropped camp hope

The bad part was, that was the end of my season!  one Muzzleloader hunt, one Rifle hunt!  I know, most people dont even get that, but It means so much more to me than most people!  I require a certain amount of alone and socialization each year to survive, the only times I even go outside is to go to an event like these.  If you only went out or talked to people outside your immediate family 2 weekends in a year, most of you would go crazy.

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