My First Pro Staff gig!

I got a call from the Inventor of one of the most innovative and important products in the field of Archery! He made me a part of Lumenok Pro Staff and sent me some bolts for my Crossbow.  After a great conversation with the Business Owner/Inventor/Good Guy Eric Price I felt everything come together for next deer season.  I cant wait to get out there and punch some holes in some deer.  I’m gonna need a bigger freezer if things go the way I think they are.  Between the deer and Hogs, i’m going to eat well this upcoming year. Mr Price also talked to me about the development and Patent of his device and why its so successful when other people try to design a product to try to keep up and fail.  He created a very simple design that unbelievably has no switches and no elaborate retainers to screw up the balance of your arrows.  Its a very ingenious design that when you look at it makes you want to say “Why didnt I think of that?” which is the benchmark of a great design.  I’m going to make a few short videos with the Lumenok Bolts when I get them and of course take some pictures of them.  I cant wait!  looking forward to the season even more now, just to catch a glimpse of a hog streaking out like a laser when I hit it with a Lumenok!

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