In search of a longer season

I have gotten the bug that most hunters get eventually, I want a longer season.  The only three ways I know to do this are:

1. Become The Commissioner of Agriculture and change the seasons.

Not a good idea, Adam Putnam is doing a great job and is a great guy to boot, I have been fortunate enough to meet him on several occasions and he and family are about the best there is. So that’s out

2. Hunt different animals like squirrels and rabbits

Not into that just yet, nor am I any good at fishing.

3.Learn to hunt with different tools.

Ding Ding, We have a winner!

Last year I was very fortunate and I had a Muzzleloader donated to me by the great Folks at Traditions Muzzleloaders!  I am writing an article on my adventures with my Muzzleloader currently and will continue to write on the rifle as my season continues.

This year I was able to get a very nice Crossbow after my buddy get bugging me about Archery and how much fun it was.  I’m currently getting my equipment together for practice and eventually my first ever Archery hunt!!!!  Stay Tuned for more, right now I have a Barnett crossbow on its way to me and I was able to pick up a cheap Blemished Target at Gander Mountain!  I hear they just opened a Bass Pro Shops near me and I am going to pick the brains of the guys over there to see what I need to make things work for me this season.  almost forgot, I did get a Sling for my crossbow about 2 years ago at Dicks Sporting Goods when they had it on Clearance!  It’s something I had wanted to do for the last few years and never had the Time or Money to get into it.  Now I’m piecing it together for this year and hope all goes well.  The Bow is an older Barnett Brotherhood!


I think its a 2013 model, which isnt that old but I hear a lot has changed in the last 2 years in the crossbow world.  It seems to have a rope cocker, I will of course have to a crank system for my purposes because my shoulder is fubar, even after the surgery.  I’m hoping it will have the manual when it comes because I dont know much about them.  I have watched a bunch of vids on Youtube but Its like Wiki, you don’t know if the stuff is right but, you know at least the person writing thinks it is.  I hear the Brotherhood is a good bow to start out with and I hope it is.  Barnett is from the Tarpon Springs/Tampa Area so they are local but I heard they moved production overseas after the economy crashed.  I hope the quality didn’t suffer but I hear great things so I’ll take the chance.

I’ll Let you know if anything develops on this front! below is a list of things I still need.

  1. Bolts/Arrows I read that a total of 400-450g is a good rule of thumb for the whole assembly.   Thank you Lumenok!
  2. A better Target/Bails of Hay
  3. Broadheads-Cutters for huntin’
  4. Fieldpoints
  5. Dry Fire/unloading arrows
  6. a Case
  7. a Better scope/red dot
  8. Vibration dampers
  9. Crank for Cocking
  10. laser for practice
  11. Rangefinder
  12. Bog Pod adapter
  13. Camera to video the hunt.
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