Getting back into writing, the Zen of the Hunt.

I owe the reader of this blog a few things as a publisher, its hard to get the time put aside for it but I owe it, therefore I’ll work on it.  I’m not great with staying on task when it comes to writing, for lack of a better term I’m Lazy.  This blog was founded to be a place for information. inspiration and dare I say it: Fun.  This hunting season was a mixed result year, it was great at some points but on a whole, it was lacking.  I hunted two times, one for Deer in Missouri at Camp Hope and another first for me, a Muzzleloader hunt in Florida.  Both of these hunts were Great hunts and both offered a new perspective on this great sport.  I also have to say I learned something.  I worked really hard to push myself on both hunts both physically and mentally.  The both hunts were a logistical nightmare, but more on that in their own entries.  It taught me that when I am flogging away on the phones trying to make things happen or ordering things online or writing this blog, they are all for that one moment, that split second that I am living in the present.  No Afghanistan blarring away in the back of my mind, no kids yelling and competing for attention with each other.  I just have that second to hear my interior monolog telling me to calm myself, push all the noise out, adjust parameters of the shot and watch the scene.  I enjoy the moments of Solitude in the blind, I compare it to the moments before you go to sleep for surgery but with the greatest scenery on earth.  Many of my friends and even some family members don’t even know I hunt, but its because I’m a private person and listen to the world instead of adding my own Pollution.  Enjoy the read, its my attempt to make it worth it.  I’m trying to push out 400 words or so on each hunt but I plan on trying to hit 1000 like most magazine writers do.

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