Archery for the disabled comes in many forms.  The fastest growing of these is crossbow hunting.  This is by in large due to the fact that its getting easier to find a state to hunt in because lots ofstates that were anti-crossbow or not Crossbow friendly have been warming up to the idea.  In several states Wildlife biologists are using crossbows to cull the herds either to remove pest animals, to remove the genetically  defective animals or even to study the effects of pollution on the animals.  This is where the bow is in its element, they can be shot in semi populated areas such as golf courses, the limited range and recover-ability of the boltsallows them to be used near NO LEAD areas like Kaliforrnia and most of all, they are very easy to learn unlike the complicated CO2 powered dart weapons.

The use of crossbows has also grown with the advent of a few technologies such as the portable, pre-built blind and the 4 wheel scooter for those with mobility issues.  Now you can drive your scooter out to your area, pop your blind up around the scooter and wait for your dinner.  Scent control and Deer calls have also helped but not everyone is going after the Antlered game.  Wild Hogs generally are good analogs for testing bolts and broad-heads and there are millions of them ripe for the testing.  So all of this has combined for a “Perfect Storm” for hunters “Without the Anti-Gun George Cloony as a captain” 

I plan on trying to find a few guys who hunt with crossbows and see what kind of equipment is needed and what they prefer and maybe I’ll  even end up buying one if I can find the one that suits me.  There are several ways to pull back the string of the modern crossbows.  The most prevalent is the “rope method” which allows the string to be pulled back using the mechanical advantage of fulcrums without carrying around much weight.  The second is a crank system, which entails winding up a crank thats a lot like using a “Comealong” this way uses a geared spool to pull a cable that in turn pulls the string back.  and the third way I have seen is a pull cord that looks like a lawn mower cord and I would imagine that it requires a lot of effort.  In the next few weeks I plan on examining the different methods and systems available to pull back the string and to launch a bolt from these modern siege weapons.

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  1. Jeff says:

    I just got a compound bow, however I have not set it up yet so i am looking forward to trying it out once I have all the componates.

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