Slings for the disabled

csm gear sling

Very important subject if you plan on hunting; Slings.  I have been hunting for most of my life and have been in the military for more than a day also  so I realize the need for a sling.  Slings can be used for many other purposes than mere supporting the laziness of Infantry as most would believe.  The importance goes much further, it can be used as a tourniquet, a strap in which you can build a litter, a safety device when hanging over heights and most importantly to hold the rifle that seems to get heavier with each and every step when climbing up the steep grades and mountain trails of Afghanistan.  


A sling for use by the disabled is a great device that can keep you from dropping the weapon from your lap while in a wheelchair or in a treestand.  It can also be looped into a MOLLE Harness for those with a back injury that does not confine them to a wheelchair.  I was recently asked by another Wounded Hunter for my recommendations on different pieces of equipment for hunting, one of which was a sling.  I had to think about it for a bit because I really hadn’t given it much thought because all of the hunting I had been able to do involved me being seated in a ground blind and I continued to use my single point sling as I did while hiking in Afghanistan.  I never realized that the reasons for its utility had changed. 

Single Point Slings


I still carry my CSM single point sling that I bought in 2009.  I think they stopped making them a few years ago.  They were one of the first bungie slings and probably the pattern for all the cheap bungie slings.  I think that if your in a wheelchair or plan on using a sling while seated its hard to beat a single point sling.  The single point keeps it from hitting the surroundings (Making unwanted noise) or falling to the ground (Unsafe and making it hard to pick up the weapon)  I have dropped a rifle 2 times in my life;  Once in 1992 and once in 2012 when I was recovering from surgery.  I remember these incidents not because I have a good memory (Believe me, my memory is horrible) I remember this because I respect and value my weapon and was taught at an early age that your weapon was your life and that it should be cared for accordingly.  This in the circles that I am included is the mark of a poser or those who are careless.  Vanity is one of those things that is hard to change in your character and when you fumble your rifle it makes you look like you have lost your ability to handle a weapon and ultimately messing with your mind.

2 Point slings

I really believe in a 2 point sling due to its ability to adapt to different situations and to disperse the weight of the weapon.  Another added bonus is its ability to stabilize a weapon that has an odd center of gravity such as weapons with bipods, lasers, night vision equipment or heavy barrel contours.  For those who have a bad back but are able to walk a 2 point is a good way to keep the weight on your body evenly distributed. 


Load Bearing when loaded for bear.

MOLLE gear harnesses can be used with either type and may be used to distribute the weight of your gear further helping to alleviate your pain.  This is a huge deal for someone who is a chronic pain sufferer like I am.   I use the Y-Type harness from Condor because it has built in Mag pouches and a large hidden pouch in the middle to hold your permits,Licenses,Class3 paperwork, maps and other neccesary gear that you dont need to reach a lot.


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  1. Update: I received a VTAC sling and will be reviewing it when I get a chance to use it more thoroughly

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