Bubba Blade Review!!!

bubba blade
The Bubba Blade review is here! I received it last week and I couldn’t figure out what could have come in such a large envelope. I opened it to be pleasantly surprised by the 16″ box. I grabbed it thinking “There’s no way thats all knife”. Contrary to to my thought, It was all (incredibly sharp) knife and it was HUGE. Not like buck knife big, think more like Fatal Attraction or Shining Big. This thing cannot be overstated when it comes to its size, the Blade alone is 1 7/16″ X 9″ and the Blade is 6″ long and coated in a very slick Teflon coating to help it slide through the meat. The only downside I can find is the fact that they are made in China, but most knives are due to the strict EPA and OSHA rules that make US made knives incredibly expensive.

This piece of Carnivorous Cutlery makes short work of ALL game including the Gator Meat from my Hunt last week. This meat is notoriously tough and hard to slice but was easily managed by the Bubba Blade. The model of Bubba Blade I used was the 9″ Stiffie not only draws snickers from everyone within earshot, it slices beef into cubes like a laser. I tried it out on some Wild Hog and on some pretty tough flank steaks and both were easily and very cleanly sliced paper thin for braising.

The Knife/Sword comes with a pretty sturdy scabbard and the aforementioned Box.

The Knife/Sword comes with a pretty sturdy scabbard and the aforementioned Box.

The blade is constructed of High carbon Stainless and I assume it should be relatively easy to keep sharp with a Whetstone or a diamond hone. I will follow up after it gets dull to let you guys/girls know how hard it was to sharpen. Below I am including a picture to show just how large it is. I assume everyone has a Standard Capacity Magpul Pmag or at least lusts over them enough to know their size. For those of you who live in anti-Constitutional states, look it up on their website, or move to send the message to your state.

wpid-20131017_151324.jpgThe distinctive Rubberized handle has a silicone feel to it that is very welcome for someone who has had to stand for any period of time and cut meat. The handle also has white nubs that serve as divots to hold your fingers at just about any angle and secure them into place. They are best described as little octopus suction cups. They are very durable and tend to act as a good anchor point when you cut away from yourself (As everyone should always do) These handles make it very easy for someone with decreased grip strength to be able to hold the knife easily. I do suggest a cutting glove to be worn on the holding hand because these knives are very very sharp and need no additional touching up before being pressed into action.

The knife represents a very good investment and seems as though it would take the place of the larger chefs knife and maybe even the small Japanese cleaver I use. I don’t think I’d give up my fleshing knives or my gut hook for this one but if they came out with a set that included the same generous rubberized handle boning and hook knives, I might be pressured to. All and all, these knives represent a great value by an American company who seems to have their pulse on the sporting market. As of the time i am writing this the 9″ is going for a sale price of $54.95 and they also offer several other models that would be great for fishing or other uses. They even have a hunter model that was just released.

If anyone needs more information, feel free to email me or the company with your questions.

Update: April 2015- These knives are now available in the fishing department of Walmart!!

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