Recoil and hunting for disabled

I have been a competitive shooter most of my life either in my teen years as a small bore shooter or in my 30’s as a pistol and 3 gun shooter.  I have never been very sensitive to recoil. That all changed after an injury in Afghanistan.  Now I have a severe intolerance to recoil, to a point where shoulder pain is a real hindrance to my ability to hunt.  I have tried PAST brand magnum recoil shields and they help to a point (about 10-20%) and have used pistols to hunt which are taboo in certain circles in which I hunt.  I have tried AR style pistols and they seem to work very well for short range hunting (under 100m) and they work well in 300 Blackout caliber (I was probably the first person in Florida to take an animal with this configuration because I was in on some of the first to have one built.  My first rig was built by a fellow veteran who built me a 10 1/2″ barreled pistol that is very accurate and reliable but the stability is very lacking when shooting offhand.  One of the latest things I have been trying to get together is an AR patterned rifle in 6.5 Grendel.  One of the things most people dont realize when it comes to the AR is that it is very very conducive to use by people with disabilities. 

  I do not want to involve politics in this blog.  I  have been encouraged to use this blog for political  reasons but refuse.  I plan on helping people with this blog and unfortunately politics has not been able to help people since the early years of this country.  The AR series of rifles and pistols was designed as a universally adaptable and easy to use rifle system and for this reason, I recommend it for just about everyone.  I don’t care about the “Mall Tactical” people out their with their wannabe fantasies. 

Ergonomics are very good on this system and by far its the best system I have ever had the privilege of using.  This is the reason there are so many sold.  I think that coupled with the 223 round it is the perfect system for the disabled and the young alike.  I of course cannot stress safety enough.  When training someone to use this rifle,  I always stress that the rifle is only a machine and it will only operate safely if you use it properly.  Any machine in the world will injure or kill you if you do not use it properly.  A drill press, a table saw and even a hammer have the potential to kill if used improperly or if care is not taken to use it for its intended purpose.  Firearms were intended for hunting and defense of the homestead but it was politicians who adapted them for use against people for offensive reasons.  

Today, we have many calibers to choose from mainly because of this platforms’ ability to be easily adapted to any caliber that will fit in the magazine.  I chose the 6.5 Grendel for my rifle due to the performance of the caliber and low recoil of it.  I have tried shooting 308’s and 243’s but they have ended up either being too small (243 win) or they have too much recoil for my repaired shoulder.  I had the fortune of having some parts donated to my cause by several companies which helped make my rifle come together quicker. My buffer was donated by and it really helped negate the recoil.  I paired it with a Wolff buffer spring that further helped to dissipate the recoil.  It also helped get rid of that annoying spring sound that is synonymous with AR’s.  I also used a custom compensator to help with the recoil.   The recoil is about at the level of a 223 but hits like a 308.  According to Hornady’s H.I.T.S. system the 6.5 Grendel is enough to take a Whitetail at 600 Yards.  I plan on testing this ability this season.  Mark Larue of Larue tactical has taken a large Elk at over 425 Yards with a 6.5 Grendel.  I read about this when making my decision about the caliber.  I plan on building a rifle for my daughter this year and it more than likely will be an AR in 300 Blackout because of the low recoil and the low cost of loading practice ammunition.  I want her to practice a lot before we continue our hunting next year.  All in all, AR-15’s are great rifles for the disabled and more people are starting to realize this. 

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