Hunting Lessons for the youth of today and our responsibility to them.

I am no longer a soldier, I only have a use for firearms for hunting.  If not for hunting my family would probably not eat as well.  I have opened my family up to living more responsibly and to value life more than that of the average family because of our exposure to hunting. Last year I took my daughter hunting and showed her that there is more to hunting than the hour it took to harvest the deer and process it. We saw things that she will remember forever.  She saw several fawns and does come very close to our stand and along with the beauty of that moment she learned about conservation. (Why we only harvest certain animals)   She also learned about the responsibility we have to the animal we harvest to make it a painless experience.  I also taught her that we do it to honor the animal and that we will remember it forever.  This allows it to live on in our lives.  I was introduced to hunting quite the same way.  That we do it humanely and it is done to honor our family’s tradition of responsible hunting and gun ownership.  We have a responsibility to show our children that life is sacred and a plan to end any life must be justified and that it should never be taken lightly.  This is a lesson that not only everyday citizens must learn but future Politicians, Judges, Police Officers and yes Presidents must learn as well.  I think if more people were taught in this manner they would avoid violence.  I know that, and have blogged about the conservation efforts of hunters have made this a better planet by saving animals.  I have lived by a motto or which is “To leave this planet a better place than I found it.”  I appreciate the actions of those involved with the organizations who help the disabled return to hunting and fishing. 


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