Have your hunt or non-profit listed on my blog!

If you are with one of these organizations and you wish to be listed in my blog I ask a few things of you.

1. Be open to all races, creeds, religions, and sexual orientations. (I have seen some events that alienated non-Christians by mentioning Christianity every 5 seconds, this is fine but make participants aware that its a Christian event beforehand)

2. DO NOT allow Alcohol at your events, make this a zero tolerance rule and apply it to guides and participants.  (If you go to an event and see alcohol use I encourage you to leave immediately and email organizers of the reason why later)

3. Be Patient with the disabled and don’t treat them differently. (I have been to hunts where everyone was treated like a little child, never-mind the fact that all participants were combat veterans who had spent every waking minute of their tour with a weapon)

4. Have fun activities planned (some of the most memorable hunts I have been on had non hunting or other species hunts planned.)

5. Have good food.  Some of my favorite hunt moments are due to the food that was served.

 6.I will not Endorse a hunt I have not been on before. I have to do it to be fair and to avoid endorsing a hunt that may be out their just to collect money.  Unfortunately I have seen several groups who talk a good game and collect money just so they can line their pockets and make an excuse so they can hunt on land for free.  I cannot name their names but I encourage you to talk to other people about the hunts before going on a hunt.

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