Customer Service in the Outdoors industry

Today I had the pleasure of dealing with someone from Hornady, a company unlike most companies in the fact that they make products and are growing exponentially due to the present political climate.  Unlike most companies I don’t mind when one of their products breaks unexpectedly.  I know their Customer Service is top notch.  I spoke with a friendly and knowledgeable tech named Brad today.  The problem today was with the primer bracket on my Hornady Lock N Load AP Press.  The bracket is designed to breakaway if there is a problem that would be costly or dangerous otherwise.  I explained the problem and Brad gave his input into why it broke, and how to prevent it from happening again.  He then ordered a replacement bracket and the parts that caused it to break.  A mere 10 minutes later I received an email confirming the order of the parts and saying that they will be sent out shortly.  I have found out that there are 2 types of companies in the outdoors category. The first is like Hornady and they tend to be family owned, operated and they grow very quickly and have a large customer base due to this service.  The  second usually have the “Give me your money and shut-up” approach.  The latter tend to last only as long as the market allows them to be of use then they fold.  This is for the better and hopefully the owners of these businesses learn from their mistakes and the next business they open will too.

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