Today is the first day of this Blog.

I have never been a strong writer, although I do read and appreciate the fact that it takes a certain type of dedication to write for a living.  I do want to start with a quote, its a very famous one by a very famous person.  I didn’t fully understand it until I came back from Afghanistan, even though my father had been the first to point it out to me before. “Only the dead have seen the end of War” -Plato I always took this at face value and never thought about it until I had an over abundance of time on my hands while recuperating from my 2nd surgery.   I then came to the conclusion that once you have experienced war, even in a short exposure like we do now in modern times, you carry a piece of it with you for the rest of your life.  It may be a small piece and you may lie to yourself and say that you don’t let it influence you. I do believe that the biggest threat to mankind isn’t meteors falling from the sky or Aliens, or even Climate Change.  Its man’s Vanity and his unwillingness to leave one another alone to live peacefully.   I was a child of the cold war so I thought I wanted to crush our enemies at all costs and that it was my duty as an American to fight a war that never came.  I’m not sure I feel that way anymore, I have been all over the world and this great nation.  The more I saw, the more I came to believe that man is very cruel to one another and that we as Americans have become jaded.  Its not a derogatory thing, it means that the sweat, blood and tears of our ancestors provided us an environment to feel comfortable in our nation in a insanely short amount of time.  When we look at our country and compare it to other nations, we have to stand in Awe at the accomplishments of our forefathers. Just think,  in 237 years we:

1. Fought the nation that colonized us

2. Wrote history by providing the framework for a new type of system of Government

3. Settled a huge piece of land, Mined grew crops, initially fought the indigenous people who didn’t want us here.

4. Fought a Civil war on a huge scale to tell the world we would rather see this countrty burn at our own hand then to see it continue with the barbaric system of Slavery.

5. Became the center of the earth for Scientific, industrial and medical advances for humanity.

6. Ended a huge number of Diseases, and developed more products for humanity than any other nation.

7. Became the model for Equality to many countries several times older than us.

8. Discovered many parts of our planet for the first time including a huge number of discoveries under the oceans.


10. Developed and pioneered communication on a Global Scale for all humanity.

11. Gave the world a way of navigating our planet that is accurate to the meter!!!!

12. Had enough resolve to save the same country that fought against our independence.

13. Built a network of Universities and colleges that set the standard for higher learning, freedom and equality.

14. Built a Global information database that allows everyone in the world to access information independent of their status.

15. Split the Atom and help a German Physicist prove his theory even though we were fighting Germany in a War.

This is just a small list of the reasons that I will forever be indebted to this Country and my Family will defend it for eternity.

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